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I've taken a liking to these! You can see how my taste changed over the years.
It's weird relearning writing for this story, you know? I have more concrete plans for Nora and the Fallen Stars, more I want to try and incorporate that I'm once again hitting that point where I'm not sure if I'm capable of writing them. Plans, so many plans, all the plans... Okay, not all of them but enough of them to seem like a lot to me.

So, I've started with the almost childish portion: the story web. You remember those exercises that teachers in elementary and middle school used to make you do in English/Reading class to help you understand story flow, plot and so on? Well, I'm sort of doing that. It helps me figure out roughly what I want to do, planning wise, while still giving me a loose enough outline to add or subtract as I need. So far? I have a whole third planned out. It sounds impressive at first, but I still need to figure out the middle and kind of figure out how the end will wrap up.

I figure writing this will take some time, so it's about time I started doing full illustrations. (How many times had you guys read that one before? A lot. I can feel you sighing at me.) I've got a few themes in mind and hopefully while I'm out (bro's making me get out of the house for free comic book day and I'll be out with my sketching stuff) I'll get smacked with enough motivation to do this thing.

The overwhelming, crippling self-deprecation and doubt is slowly starting to lift itself from me, and I think that's largely in part to me being able to shove some of this work at my very-organized friend. She's helped me sort of focus this lens of mine, helped me figure out what I need to plan, what I need to be prepared to do and all that other stuff. I guess I could say she's sort of my manager and quality checker, which is good because having a second opinion of someone who's in line with what I'd like to accomplish is something of a relief.

Let's see... There's... A page I've been working on. Some of you have probably already seen some popular artists link to a site called Patreon. The site itself is really cool, and the idea and concept behind it is something I adore, but it feels like the more popular artists are using it as something different. More often than not, I see artists making art and tutorials that you can only see if you pay for them, which I guess isn't a bad thing, necessarily. They need to make money and people are willing to pay for it, but sometimes it feels... Not right? Perhaps that's just me. I would like to give as much as I can for what I may or may not be getting, but I'm still working on it.

Link? What link? No, I'm still fussing over it and not ready to show it yet. Maybe after I make a few more changes. I have ideas for things I'd like to do based on what I feel are the more fair pages I've seen, and hopefully those all go over well with potential supporters. It's been a long while in planning and careful wording, but I think it'll be worth it for both me and my supporters once the ball gets rolling.

I've also found myself looking for tutorials about things that... you don't typically see tutorials about. Like buildings, or more specifically the designing behind buildings. I wish there was a "building anatomy" tutorial somewhere. You know, a thing that would teach building proportions (the size of a story in comparison to where doors, windows and other such things could be found) in it's basic nature that way later on you can learn to do this on your own later? All I ever manage to find is perspective videos. (Okay, I get it, size comparison is important, but so is the actual design of the buildings.)

I just don't see how I can find 100+ tutorials on how to draw animal anatomy, plant anatomy, clothing anatomy and tutorials about how to make maps for fictional worlds but nothing on designing and proportioning buildings beyond perspective. It's a shame, really. More so as I know I'll need this information later for things like vehicles, furniture, building layout and so on.

Ah... So that's all from me. For now. Time to get ready to head out.
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Michelle J. Johnson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'll update this later... Hopefully before the new year!

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